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Since 2014, the Associazione Cultura e Rievocazione Imperi has obtained from the Municipality of Ponti the possibility of installing its operational headquarters in an area of Forte Ardietti, built between the years 1856 - 1861, which is one of the most significant works of the defensive system of the Austrian Quadrilateral.

In particular, the group has found accommodation in a specific sector of the fort, which has been furnished and adapted to the purposes of the association in order to replicate as faithfully as possible what was a quarter of the troops of the Risorgimento. It is in this space that the meetings, meetings and planning activities of ACRI as a cultural institution are held and it is always in the context of the fort that the trainings of the kk IR Nr. 14 are held, aimed at guaranteeing quality and reliability of the group on the occasion of historical re-enactments.

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